Ante Timmermans, FICTIORY (POESIE DER LANGEWEILE) (détail), 2010,
crayon de cire et crayon sur papier vélin, 1170 x 1198 mm, Musée Jenisch Vevey


Founded in 2012, the Centre de Recherche pour les Œuvres sur papier (Centre for Research into Works on Paper, CROP) is conceived as a nexus for conservation, skills and research into the historical background, heritage, resources and identity of the Musée Jenisch Vevey. Its work aims to raise the profile of the collections of works on paper that are conserved at the museum, and to enhance access to them through activities, encounters and research projects.

The work of CROP focuses on the following areas:

  • the cantonal prints collection: 30,000 works
  • the drawings collections: 8'500 works
  • a programme of exhibitions devoted to works on paper
  • publication of reference works on drawing and printing as well as contemporary developments in both fields
  • a viewing room - Salle Leenaards for the graphic works and a specialised library on the subject
  • an acquisition policy that concentrates on drawing and printing from all periods
  • research projects on the collections
  • knowledge-sharing