Portrait, autoportrait
Ferdinand Hodler (1953-1918), Autoportrait, 1915-1916, crayon de graphite, 272 × 211 mm, Musée Jenisch Vevey, donation Rudolf Schindler © Photo Claude Bornand

Portrait, Self-Portrait

May 29 to 5 September 2021

Ever since the Neolithic era, people have sought to depict their fellow human beings and their own likenesses. This exhibition of works on paper offers a profusion of faces and bodies, from Rembrandt to Hodler and Kiki Smith, and explores the infinite variety of the portrait genre, from the strictest realism to the wildest manifestations of Symbolism and Expressionism. Originally a shamanic art form, the portrait asks us two fundamental questions: “How do we see our fellow human beings, and how do we see ourselves?”

The exhibition is guest curated Frédéric Pajak, assisted by Emmanuelle Neukomm, Fine Arts Curator