Markus Raetz
Markus Raetz, Nach Elvis, 1978-2013, offset en 3 couleurs (trame à lignes croisées), 293 × 210 mm
Courtesy of the Artist © Markus Raetz, 2014, Pro Litteris, Zurich

Markus Raetz


du 26 juin au 5 octobre 2014

To celebrate the arrival of summer, Vevey is pleased to welcome Markus Raetz (b. 1941), one of the most fascinating Swiss artists of his generation. Comprising more than 150 works from every period of the Bernese artist’s career, the exhibition SEE-SAW invites audiences to explore an exuberant world in which chance is mixed with surprise, as well as a generous measure of poetry.

For this first retrospective in the canton of Vaud the Musée Jenisch Vevey, which is home to the cantonal prints collection, is focusing on Markus Raetz’s passion for engraving and his insatiable curiosity about the various techniques of printmaking. Dating from his childhood, his earliest prints bear witness to an appetite for multiplying and reversing motifs that is as strong now as it ever was. What appears to be a single image turns out to conceal others; it is transformed and revealed afresh as it is viewed in different ways.
Playing on the resonances between printing, sculpture and drawing, the exhibition emphasises the transitions from one medium to the other, demonstrating how the shifts from sketchbook to print and sculpture enhance
the work’s semantic richness.

Organised in association with the Kunstmuseum Bern, the exhibition is accompanied by an expanded edition of the catalogue raisonné of the artist’s prints, produced by Rainer Michael Mason.

L’exposition et la publication bénéficient du généreux soutien de
Fondation Pro Scientia et Arte